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Rollers are the components bored with loads in bearing operation. They are also the weakest component whose quality will directly affect the bearing’s performance like rotating speed, vibration level and flexibility. It’s also the key element for service life of bearings. Based on different categories, rollers can be divided into spherical, tapered, cylindrical rollers. According to different precision level, they are divided into grade I, II and III. 

ZZ’s precision spherical roller bearings are with least grade II and raw materials are with European standard. The production capacity of ZZ is 80,000 to 100,000 piece monthly.

Applications of Bearing

Spherical Rollers

All of ZZ’s spherical rollers are Symmetrical with spherical fiducial surface.


Zero defect culture, customized production, European standard, advanced R&D center, physical& chemical labs inuring the raw material quality, super-finish grinding


Outer diameter from Φ20mm-Φ120mm

Multiple materials are available upon customers’ requests

Various face profiles are available, for example flat, center holes or dimples.

Raw Material

ZZ Bearing Recommendations
  • Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing

    Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing

    Cylindrical roller thrust bearings consist of rollers, cage components, shaft ring and housing ring. Those components are separable for efficient and convenient operations.
  • Toroidal Roller Bearing

    Toroidal Roller Bearing

    Toroidal roller bearings are kind of new single-row radial bearing. It has crowned symmetrical rollers and circular ring raceways.The rollers of the toroidal bearings are self-guiding, that’s to say they adjust the position in which the loads are averagely distributed over the length of the rollers no matter the inner ring is axial displaced or not. The raceways of the inner rings and outer rings are concave and arranged symmetrically about the center of the bearings.
  • Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    Full complement cylindrical roller bearing is a kind of cylindrical roller bearing designed without cages. In this design, the number of rollers are the biggest in all the bearings types.
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Cleaning, Installation and Disassembly of Roller Bearings
A roller bearing is an assembly that supports the rotation of a shaft. Its ferrule and the roller are precision machined. Anti-rust oil or antirust grease is injected between the raceway and the rolli...