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The Advantages and Applications of Cylindrical Roller Bearings

The Advantages and Applications of Cylindrical Roller Bearings

The contact between the cylindrical roller and raceway is line contact, and the radial load capacity is large, which makes the cylindrical roller bearings suitable for bearing heavy load and impact load as well as high speed rotation. Cylindrical roller bearing raceways and rollers are geometrically shaped. After the improved design, they have a high carrying capacity. The new structure design of the flange and the roller end face not only improves the axial bearing capacity of the bearing, but also improves the lubrication condition of the contact area between the roller end face and the flange, and the service performance of the bearing.

The China bearing manufacturer ZZ Bearing (shanghai) co.,ltd. produces a variety of cylindrical roller bearing types to meet the diverse needs of customers. The following is a specific introduction to the advantages and applications of cylindrical roller bearing types.

The advantages of cylindrical roller bearings


1. The contact between the roller and raceway is line contact or repair offline contact, and the radial bearing capacity is large, so china cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for bearing heavy load and impact load.


2. The small friction coefficient is suitable for high speed operation, and the limit speed of precision bearings is close to that of deep groove ball bearings.


3. N and NU types can be moved axially, which can adapt to the change of relative position between shaft and shell caused by thermal expansion or installation error, so that they can be used as free end bearings.


4. The processing requirements of the shaft or seat hole are high. The relative deviation of the outer ring axis after the installation should be strictly controlled to avoid the concentration of contact stress.


5. The inner and outer ring can be separated for easy installation and disassembly.


Applications of cylindrical roller bearings


Cylindrical roller bearings have greater radial load capacity, which makes them ideal choices for various industries. Different types of cylindrical roller bearings produced by ZZ Bearing (shanghai) co.,ltd. can meet the needs of different industries, and their main applications are as follows:


• Large and medium-sized motor


• Rolling stock


• Machine tool spindle


• Internal combustion engine


• Electric generator


• Gas generator turbine


• Reduction gearbox


• Rolling mill


• Vibrating screen

• Lifting and transport machinery

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